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This is a personal web site about my experience in Web Development. I've done a few side projects, and have logged some of my notes about web related stuff. It is also beneficial to give back to the community by sharing how one finds solutions to problems. And sometimes problems for solutions. It is my goal to add and maintain these articles on this website.

The name Web of Tomorrow is fitting with how I've grown to look at how a good website is maintained. Software written for the web can either be very susceptible to breaking updates, or it can be very resilient over time. I try to keep this in mind when developing a website to make sure it will still be accessible in the future. It is also important to think about how future updates to a website are done and who will be doing them.

This website is sort of a testing grounds for maintainability and iterating on an original idea. I will continue with maintaining these ideas and rethinking the implementation on them when a better method may be used. Which is how most software continues to be relevant and useful in my opinion. Old software that hasn't needed any updates, and is still relevant, has passed this test of time.

The style and content of this website is all created by myself. I chose a rather minimalistic style and structure of a type written book because I find old type writers rather intriguing. Besides, documents from a type writer are still readable today (no software needed) which is pretty good proof of a medium that lasts.