The classic "This website is under construction" phrase brings back thoughts of the old style way of thinking that a website could actually be finished. I try to refrain from placing an animated gif at the top with the construction dude endlessly shoveling. It's tempting. Well, anyways this is my personal website that I always wanted to build. It will be a very iterative approach as I'm constantly developing stuff for it. If there doesn't seem like much right now, it's cause I'm still early in my development on it. Hence the "under construction" bit.

So, what about me? I consider myself a Front End Web Developer and have been doing that professionally since 2007. I'm self-taught and enjoy working on some of my side projects when I get the time. With this website I plan to showcase some of them.

Other stuff about me: Married and have 2 kids that help me balance my 'hobby' of programming with real life stuff. I enjoy cooking, and eating. Coffee is an addiction that I have and I'm okay with that. Oh, and I'm more of a morning person.

So, there you have it. Everything you wanted to know about Jake Hickenlooper.

Oh, what about the website? Do you have questions about the website? I might have answers, but you'll have to look for them.