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This is a personal web site about my experience in Web Development. I specialize mostly in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I've done a few side projects, and have logged some of my notes about web related stuff. I also plan to bore many viewers out of their mind with my captivating screencasts.

Why am I bothering with maintaining a personal website? Short answer: For fun and profit! Well, I need to practice using my skills that I have learned and this is a good way of doing it. It's good to give back to the community the knowledge that I've found to make it easier to get stuff done. I know that I've benefited a lot from other peoples effort in software development.

So, this site is mostly for other developers? Yes. Do I like to answer my own questions? Uhm, you don't have to answer that. Is this another one of those blogs? Nope. It's the Web of Tomorrow, where everything changes and nothing stays the same. Cheers!